Client Successes

Representative Client Engagements


Digital Program Consultant

I worked with the Digital Solutions Program Office to align and execute their roadmaps, financial models and methodology for enabling mobile, CRM and business intelligence capabilities to over 30,000 restaurants worldwide.  This included conducting interviews and cross-functional workshops to elicit digital requirements for global markets, defining digital solutions to support those requirements, and creating plans to deliver the solutions.  I was also the corporate program manager responsible for digital enablement for the Canadian market.  I worked with the market CIO and digital leadership to define their capability roadmaps and align corporate resources to support delivery of digital capabilities.

IT Strategy Consultant

I supported senior IT leadership and the global CIO in developing a framework for planning and managing strategic technology roadmaps.  I worked with IT leaders across the PMO, corporate product teams and global markets to survey existing processes, tools and formats for strategic planning.  I also documented best practices based on client experience and interviews of industry analysts.  Additionally, I evaluated of 75 planning and lifecycle management tools.  The output of this engagement was a design for a pilot of the new roadmapping framework and supporting software.

Information Management Strategy Consultant

I supported IT leadership in the development of a blueprint for creating a business intelligence center of excellence (BI COE).  I defined COE processes and roles and assessed the fit to the client’s current capability.  The output was a prioritization COE implementation activities mapped to a three-year roadmap.

Financial Planning and Analysis Program Manager

I was engaged to provide project management for multiple concurrent FP&A development projects within the Commercial Financial Planning and Analysis organization.  Through the course of the engagement, the need for greater program, communication and change management support became clear.  I worked with finance and IT leadership to assess program strengths and opportunities, understand team member and stakeholder perceptions and develop a plan for program improvement.  After four months, I was promoted to program manager charged with providing oversight for all Commercial Financial Planning and Analysis capability development initiatives.

HR Business Intelligence Strategy and Architecture Consultant

I was engaged to develop a strategy, architecture and roadmap to enable the HR BI & Analytics organization evolve an enterprise-class capability. I led interviews with key stakeholders across HR and IT functions to gather requirements and assess the current capability across strategy, organization, governance, architecture, and technology dimensions.  I created recommendations for improvements in the organization and solution architecture, and I worked with leadership to evaluate and finalize strategic direction.  I also created a roadmap to align the strategy and architecture with specific implementation initiatives.

Supply Chain Analytics Strategy Consultant

In support of developing new strategic offerings, I was engaged to identify requirements for new offerings, assess the ability of the current organization and capability architecture to support the offerings, and develop a roadmap for making prioritized investments.   I worked with the executive vice president of Analytics and Supply Chain Services and his team to

  • Assess and document the current business, solution, and data architectures to provide a baseline for evaluation and to align current capabilities with future offerings
  • Interview knowledge holders across the organization to document requirements for new offerings across people, process, data and systems
  • Evaluate the fit of in-house and external ERP, supply chain management and analytic platforms.
  • Develop future-state solution and data architectures to support new offerings, highlighting areas for investment and the associated organizational and technology costs
  • Develop a roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term priorities

Additionally, I was asked to develop a strategy for expanding and centralizing the client’s their master data management (MDM) capability.   I worked with client business and IT executives to define the scope of MDM capabilities needed to support their services, gather MDM requirements across the enterprise, and develop high-level business processes for managing master data.  I also worked with industry analysts to compile a short list of leading MDM technologies and evaluate them against client requirements.

Information Architect

As part of a post-merger integration team, I led requirements gathering and architecture designs for integrating customer, marketing and operations data into the client’s customer marketing systems.  This effort included

  • modifications to opt out processing to accommodate new lines of business
  • alignment with legal requirements and other privacy directives
  • design of the data integration and updates to the marketing data architecture
  • design of a data lab environment that allowed for rapid integration, prototyping and analysis prior to completion of the full integration
  • operational data management requirements and designs
  • change data capture requirements
  • customer matching and customer data integration

To gather these requirements, I facilitated interviews and working sessions with business and IT stakeholders as well as legal representatives from both the client and the acquired company.  I also aligned with the chief CRM, data and infrastructure architects to secure architectural signoff.

Client Services Technical Executive

I served as the lead technical executive for a $32MM hosted customer master data, marketing, and business intelligence platform that includes data warehousing and transformation, customer recognition, data mobilization, campaign management, and business intelligence components.  As part of a multi-year program to transition from a batch-oriented and custom coded solution, I led the development of the next generation architecture built on SOA and leveraging packaged components.  The architecture development activities included

  • identification and prioritization of requirements based on current pain points, client business and technology needs, and internal technology direction
  • design of the to-be solution, integration, and hardware architectures
  • design of processes for batch and real-time data supply chains
  • description of an approach for service-based orchestration of end-to-end processes for data transformation and mobilization in both batch and real-time
  • alignment to functional use cases and required data services
  • data models for a 60 terabyte data environment including customer warehouse, marketing, analytics, and reporting marts
  • approach and architecture for data virtualization using Composite Information Server
  • integration with enterprise security and authentication mechanisms
  • failover and disaster recovery designs
  • a phased implementation approach

I also to provided architectural direction and governance for software evaluation and ongoing implementation projects, and I worked with the client to align the architecture to their evolving IT strategy.

Business Intelligence and Campaign Management Solution Lead

As part of a multi-year enterprise-wide CRM transformation, one of the centerpiece capabilities was a campaign management and marketing analysis solution.  This solution enabled the client to plan, execute, and analyze customer-centric strategies across all channels.  As the implementation lead, I had direct delivery responsibility for $4 million in solution implementation revenue, and I managed a team of over 20 onshore and offshore resources to

  • document as-is and to-be process flows and use cases across the organization based on stakeholder interviews, reviews of existing systems and documentation, as well as industry leading practices
  • elicit, prioritize, and assess requirements and use cases for multi-channel campaign management and business intelligence
  • conduct functional design workshops involving the internal client team, external cross-functional stakeholders, and third-party vendors
  • generate alignment on priorities and dependencies
  • develop and execute options to drive the project forward in an environment of significant risks and unknowns
  • coordinate software selection through the RFP process
  • define the solution, integration, and information architectures for both transactional, customer master, and data warehouse capabilities
  • design and implement the solution leveraging offshore and onshore delivery capabilities
  • set up the production support team and provide operational transition and performance tuning
  • manage change requests through multiple concurrent releases, including impact analysis, requirements gathering, solution architecture, functional and technical design and implementation

Predictive Marketing Solution Lead

I led the implementation of predictive marketing capabilities built on a real-time decision engine (RTD) for contact center, retail, and web environments.  RTD is a decision engine that optimizes offer and messaging recommendations using business rules as well as real-time data mining and self-learning predictive models.  Because RTD represents a shift from product- and campaign-centric marketing to a focus on real-time customer interactions, new approaches to marketing strategy and process are often required. I worked with the director of marketing strategy to address key business questions such as

  • What channels, including field sales, inbound and outbound contact centers, web portal, and retail outlets, is RTD most appropriate for?
  • How does RTD impact the front-of-house processes for telesales, service, and retail?
  • What are the best ways to encourage adoption among users and executives?
  • How is a real-time capability best coordinated with traditional marketing activities?
  • How does RTD integrate with other strategic marketing initiatives such as customer segmentation, customer cohorts, and next best product?
  • What is the process to define and maintain eligibility and scoring rules across the decision hierarchy within RTD?
  • How can a real-time capability be integrated with CRM, reporting, and web architectures?

To answer the questions, I interfaced with senior marketing leadership to understand marketing priorities and challenges.  I also lead stakeholder interviews and workshops to define the role of RTD within the marketing organization as well as define the relevant business rules.  To help drive these conversations, I worked with my client counterparts to develop a storyboard that showed how the capability transforms day-to-day marketing activities.

Contact Center Analytics System Improvements and Roadmap

A leading pharmaceutical client was not realizing the anticipated value from their recently implemented business intelligence application because of data inconsistencies, unavailability of key data, and a lack of actionable reports. I developed of application enhancements to address the immediate usability issues. These included identifying and correcting data inconsistencies and incorporating additional data from their contact center and call management systems. I also provided training on tool functionality and use of the data in the application to the senior director of the contact center, managers, and analysts.

Additionally, I developed a roadmap for the next phase of the system based on client needs and industry best practices. The roadmap included

  • identification and prioritization of contact center reporting capabilities
  • analytic processes to support decisions in the management of the contact center
  • key performance metrics and calculations tied to management decisions
  • designs for interactive dashboards at the director, manager, and agent levels to support the analytic processes
  • designs for the supporting data model, transformations, and loading processes